Is inserted into the rectum and gradually advanced through the colon. The doctor may inject medicine to relax the patient and help ease any discomfort. cheapest viagra online Colonoscopies are done under sedation, not anesthesia. viagra soft (generic The entire procedure usually takes less than an hour. How can buy viagra in uk The patient usually may resume normal activities the following day. viagra 50 mg reviews When is a biopsy done? viagra vs viagra sales If the doctor sees an area in the bowel that needs further evaluation, a biopsy forceps can be passed through the colonoscope to take a sample of tissue (biopsy). This sample will be sent to the hospital lab. Biopsies are taken for many reasons, and do not necessarily mean that cancer is suspected. can you buy viagra from tesco What is a polypectomy? viagra 50 mg reviews Polypectomy is the removal of a polyp. cheap viagra online During the course of the examination, a polyp may be found. viagra 50 mg reviews Polyps are abnormal growths of tissue which vary in size from a tiny dot to several inches. If the doctor feels that removal of the polyp is indicated, a wire loop, or snare, will be passed through the colonoscope and the polyp removed from the intestinal wall using an electrical current. If additional polyps are detected, they may be removed as well. What mg of viagra should i take Polyp removal is not painful. What are the risks of a colonoscopy? cheap viagra pills online Colonoscopy and polypectomy are associated with very low risk when performed by doctors with special training and experience doing these endoscopic procedures. cheapest price on viagra   one possible complication is perforation, which is a tear through the wall of the bowel that may allow leakage of intestinal fluids. order cheap viagra online Perforation will usually necessitate hospitalization and often surgery. effects female taking viagra Another complication is bleeding that may occur from the site of biopsy or polyp removal. It is usually minor and stops on its own. viagra generic uk Rarely, hospitalization and surgery are necessary. viagra without a doctor prescription A third complication is localized irritation of the vein in your hand that may occur at the site of medication injection. viagra prescription needed A tender lump could develop and may remain for several weeks to several months. Elevation of the arm and hand on several pillows and local application of heat speeds recovery. What is the benefit of having a colonoscopy? The doctor can perform a biopsy and remove polyps during the procedure before they turn into cancer. Buy brand viagra no prescription Screening tests can also find colorectal cancer early, when the chance of being cured is good. How do i schedule a colonoscopy? To schedule your colonoscopy, please call the location where you would like to have your procedure performed: minneapolis: (651) 225-7855 colon and rectal surgery associates, ltd. 2800 chicago ave south, suite 300  •  minneapolis, mn  • 55407 colonoscopies performed at:    riverside endoscopy center  • abbott northwestern hospital • fairview ridges hospital northwest: (651) 312-1717. buy cheap viagra
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